We believe we are never too old to sing ambitious and advanced choral repertoire

It is possible to sing long into old age and make a beautiful sound, as long as you receive the right means to strengthen your vocal technique and sustain your voice with vocal coaching tailored to the needs of older voices.

Many amateur singers have sung all their lives at a high, semi-professional level and will find it very hard to leave their singing passion behind if they leave the choir that has been their second home for so many years.

We want to give these singers a new home, where you can still sing the demanding repertoire you enjoy, and of course meet your singing friends and have lots of fun.

We start with workshops once a month on a Tuesday afternoon 1-4pm at St Botolph (2 mins walk from Liverpool Street Station)

Dates for the first term in 2024 are

Tuesday 20.2.2024
Tuesday 19.3.2024
Tuesday 16.4.2024
Tuesday 14.5.2024

Ideally we will move to more regular rehearsals later in the year.

There will be a longer and more specific warm-up to strengthen and nurture our voices and make sure we can sing well for longer.
If you are experiencing age-related vocal problems or are worried these problems might arise, this is the chorus for you.

The repertoire will be old favourites but also works you might always have wanted to discover.

This choir will be subscription-based.
The price per workshop will be 20£ (including tea/coffe and sheet music)

Give it a go!

Don’t let an ageing voice stop you from singing

Frequently Asked questions

Do I have to audition?

You don’t have to audition. But you are welcome to do a voluntary audition to get a brief feedback on the state of your voice.

Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely! Singing is best with people you like and love. Why not convince your friends that they are never too old to sing either?

Who we are

Barbara höfling

Barbara is  the Associate Chorus Director of the London Symphony Chorus and Musical Director of the German Choir of London.
Barbara is a trained singer who sang with some of the best choirs in Europe, namely the BBC Singers, RIAS Chamber Choir, Monteverdi Choir, Berlin Radio Choir and many more.
She has not only a degree in singing and conducting but also in Voice Physiology and Teaching. Her Masters was on brain processes when singers pitch.