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In the last days I’ve cut videos, photos and mp3s, I downloaded countless, mostly useless programs (probably as many viruses) and rang my artist friends all over the world to ask about colors, fonts, backgrounds and general advice (including what’s the best way of making chocolate fondant, where is the best bar for tonight and how the hell am I supposed to understand english tax laws??)

On top of that, poor Matt, who helped me a lot with my page, had to suffer countless emails which in most cases started with “why the … does this not come up when I do… oh.. hang on… ah… right… don’t know, what I did before. Please ignore my previous email!

I hope you find this page enjoyable!

Please leave a comment. If you know a good place to buy white asparagus in London, that would be much appreciated! Well, comments on my page as well, of course.

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Latest news - Finally!

Posted on 16-03-2015

It took nearly a year in the making. But here it is! Finally my new CD (Des Todes Tod, Chambermusic by Mahler, Mussorgskij and Hindemith) is printed. Available on Amazon now

Talking about CDs, actually I am already in the middle of my next CD production. This time with my German Choir.
We are recording a CD of German and British Folksongs.
Some of them very famous, like Der Mond ist aufgegangen or Nun ruhen alle Wälder as well as some less well known songs like Zogen einst fünf wilde Schwäne or Ich hab’ die Nacht geträumet

In order to look at nowadays music too, rather than just into the past, I’ve asked young British and German Composers to write for us arrangements of some well known Volkslieder. The results are nothing but stunning.

For the British Folksongs I have invited 6 London based Chamberchoirs to record their favorite Folksongs for us. There will be some Holst, Elgar and others. Such gorgeous music!

First recording day will be the 28th of march. And I will keep you posted on our progress for sure.
Enjoy spring where it has arrived!

Barbara Höfling