The waiting game

Since my last post surprisingly little has happened. I am honest with you, I expected the country to open sooner. And whilst Germany is already well on the way back to normal, as I was able to see with my own eyes when visiting my family last week, the UK is still nowhere near to allowing amateur musicians to restart.

Making Music, UK’s largest amateur music organization, has started a campaign stating rightly in my opinion that it doesn’t make sense from a medical point of view to allow professional musicians to go back to work, whilst amateurs must stay stumm. And whilst I understand the argument, that for professionals it threatens their livelihood, this ignores, that most amateur groups hire professional conductors and soloists.
See the campaign here:

For me personal, being forced to largely sit at home, having been made redundant by my bread and butter job, not allowed to rehearse with the German Choir, not allowed to teach and not able to create new projects unless they are digital (more about that soon), is grinding. My singers are tired of virtual choirs. What used to be new and exciting has become a chore. The choir still offers weekly voice training sessions (there is a Mathew Passion waiting in the near future after all) but everybody seems to feel quite a fatigue towards distant meeting and singing.

All I can hope for at the moment is, that we will be able to perform all those wonderful pieces written for us for Corona Commissions and from there to slowly find a way of coming back together again.

Stay safe!