Blessed are the Peacemakers 2018

The year 2018 was for me largely focused on the centenery of the end of Worl War 1

As we hadn’t done much to commeorate the centenery of the beginning of World War 1 in 2014 (mainly because we concentrated the year on the celebrations of 400 years the Hanoverarian kings on the British Throne), I felt I should really create a memorable project around it. However, I really wanted to look into the question, who were the people who opposed the war, who wanted to stop it, who worked, often now forgotten, in the background to end the fighting. I contacted several cathedrals, churches and venues related to the war in the UK, in France and in Belgium and offered to sing services, concerts and memorial events for this occasion. The cathedrals then chose a peacemaker who had a relevance to them. 11 cathedrals and 6 venues took part. 

For this occasion I commissioned Orlando Gough to write a cycle of a cappella choral pieces on English and German texts from WWI, which we performed during the concerts and services.

The project was funded by a private bank as well as a two charities.

Notre Dame, Paris
Pope Benedict XV
August 26 2017
Ypres Menin Gate, Belgium
The Fallen of WWI
August 4 2018

Liverpool Cathedral
Conscientious Objectors
November 18 2018
St Paul's Cathedral
European Union
November 5 2018
Highgate Cemetery
Medecins sans Frontieres
July 21 2018
Canterbury Cathedral
Nurses of the VAD Kent
September 21 2018
Coventry Cathedral
Lord Mayor's Peace Committee
October 13 2018
York Minster
Edith Cavell
May 28 2018
Bradford Cathedral
Bradford Women's Humanity League
May 27 2018
Brussels Cathedral
Romain Rolland
August 5 2018
Winchester Cathedral
Allan Baker
October 6 2018
Wells Cathedral
Twin City Movement
February 27 2018
Lichfield Cathedral
November 17 2018
St James Paddington
The United Nations
September 13 2018
Langemarck Cemetery
International Student's League
August 4 2018
Wakefield Cathedral
The Quakers
May 27 2018
Christuskirche London
Otto Umfrid
September 23 2018