Happy New Year!

Looking back at 2014 I am really pleased to remember all those exciting projects I was allowed to take part in.
New Year’s Concert at Berlin Philharmonie, CD Recordings for my new chamber music CD (will be released early 2015 now), Lieder Recital with Renata Kemp, Las Canals, Concerts for WWI commemoration and Hanover succession, several Concerts with my choirs, including in Buckingham Palace and Hampton Court Palace and Tours to Germany, France, Russia and Walthamstow.
Not sure, if it can get any better than that.
On the other hand: Next year will bring another CD production with my choir, several Tours, concerts in other iconic venues (such as the Tower), more concerts in my Chamber Music Series in Germany, another Christmas Oratorio with my choir at the end of the year and surely plenty of new and exciting experiences.
Bring it on!