3 Years on

Dear Reader,

It’s been 3 years since I have written my last post. 3 years… In these years we had 2 general elections, we had furious debates in Parliament, we had countless petitions and campaigns, millions took to the streets. But in the end nothing has really changed. The country is bitterly divided, I personally hardly ever meet a Brexiteer, and when I do, the tension is hardly palatable. Both sides seem to feel cheated on, conversations feel difficult and there are not many people (and by that I don’t even mean politicians) who are actually interested in a real conversation to try to understand what has just happened in this country. Maybe I don’t either. I is still painful to watch the news, I still can’t quite believe, that the UK voted a Mini Trump to be their PM, and yes, at times I don’t feel this is my home. But then, nothing that new since 3 years ago. What has changed for me personally is, that I don’t try to defend Brexiteers anymore. I honestly think by now, that most people DID actually know what they  voted for. They just didn’t expect, that that still didn’t mean they would easily get it. The foreigners who left the country are largely not the ones core Brexiteers wanted to leave, fishing rights turn out to be not such an important issue after all and it seems Commonwealth II is nowhere in sight. Britannia might not rule the waves quite as some had imagined it.

So here we are, left with a pile of anger and frustration, with divided families, friends who no longer speak to each other, even broken marriages. And now we will have to face the problems Earth throws at us. Climate Change (yes, remember, that was spoken about before Corona), the economy on its knees, cultural institutions closing daily. It’s a gloomy world out there, at least that is how it feels to me. And somehow I don’t feel I want to end this post with a bad cliché: I think we have a right to feel gloomy these days. Yes there will be other times. As Brecht said. But today it feels like bad news everywhere.